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Due to the advancement of sanitary valves manufacturing technology in renowned production units worldwide in recent years, the production of the body and parts of a product has always been considered by manufacturers following international standards and the observance of lead amount.

AVISA production unit with the management of Mr. Dariush Pashazadeh with more than 30 years of experience in the production of sanitary valves, using several multi-unit European transfer machines in the lathe line, creates accuracy and speed in automatic products lathing and induction furnaces that are very decisive in uniformity of molten materials in metallurgical controls and the performance of the European quantimeter that measures the elements of brass raw materials following the standards of the world day.

Also, with the productivity of engineers and experienced and capable manpower in the production and quality control of the product and plating and proper coating on their products and performing two stages of product quality testing on 100% of the final products, this complex tried to produce the standard and high-quality products and supply it to the consumer domestic and foreign markets.

AVISA sanitary valves offer its products with Iranian standard certification, ISO 9002, CE marking, and a real 5-year warranty.

One of the superior features of AVISA construction sanitary valves is first-class European cartridges in all products.

By using European cartridges in all products, we guarantee the durability and greater performance of AVISA products.

Another superior feature of AVISA sanitary valves is using a Swiss Neoperl aerator (pearltor) in all products; using this European aerator saves up to 30% in water consumption and household water consumption costs.

Another notable feature of AVISA sanitary valves is the use of Shilan hose under the license of Mateo, Spain, in the products of this brand, which, in addition to high durability and greater performance for the consumer, due to the type of material (PEX) used in this hose, water pollution for households will be greatly reduced.

In order to honor the esteemed consumers, AVISA sanitary valves always consider themselves obliged to advance in presenting new designs and colors of valves inspired by the latest production models of the world.

AVISA valve’s after-sales service department is continuously serving consumers as soon as possible.
AVISA sanitary valves are one of the few Iranian manufacturers that produces all its products by the factory staff and inside the AVISA production unit. To manufacture and expand the brand in markets inside and outside Iran, it has medium and long-term advertising planning towards branding.

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Why choose Avisa sanitary faucets?


Avisa products with 5 years real warranty

Avisa sanitary faucets offer all their products with a real 5-year warranty.


With high level national & international certificates

Possession of Iranian standard certification, ISO 9002 certification, European Union standard certification (CE) and ...


Use of Shilan hoses under the license of Mateo Spain

High durability and greater efficiency for the consumer, due to the type of material (PEX) used in this hose, to a very high extent, water pollution for the household will be deducted.


High quality manufacturing

The high manufacturing quality of the products is always one of the main goals of Avisa Company.


Modern design and different colors

Avisa always considers itself obliged to advance in presenting new designs and colors of valves inspired by the latest production models in the world.


Use of Swiss neoprene perlator in all products

Using this European perlator will save up to 30% in water consumption and household water costs.


Use of first-class European cartridges in all products

By using European cartridges in all products, we guarantee more durability and efficiency of Avisa products.


Variety of prices and products

Avisa allows customers to choose valves in all different tastes by producing various products.

Avisa Technologies

We bring you the highest quality using the latest technology and equipment. Avisa is a leader in the sanitary valves industry


The analysis of the constituent elements of the main raw materials of rice is based on domestic and international standards and announces in order to prevent problems in casting operations and to check and observe the amount of lead and harmful elements in the molten materials.


This production unit has created modern and beautiful plating equipment and facilities by using modern plating equipment and facilities to increase the life of the product.


In induction automatic furnaces in which the energy consumption is the same as the environmental conditions. The sludge material is delivered to the casting unit in a uniform and engineered manner for metallurgical operations.


Due to the need for alignment and alignment and the need for high accuracy of some parts in the machining operation of parts of this European machine can use accuracy and speed, more accurate chip of parts in a fully automatic manner.